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How To Design Your Waiting Room Chairs And Reception Area?

Let’s face it, no one really enjoys sitting in a waiting room, but it’s something that we all have to do on occasion and sometimes we can be stuck there for a while. A recent study has found that the average person spends about 21 minutes in a doctor’s waiting room, so it’s clear that the reception area does require some attention. It’s extremely important to ensure that your guests feel comfortable and welcomed. The space should also be a reflection of you and what you do.

This is why we’ve put together some tips and advice for designing waiting room chairs and your reception area as a whole:

Pay Attention to Traffic

When arranging your reception area, you need to have a clear idea of where visitors will be entering and exiting – and make sure that these areas are clearly marked. There is nothing worse than showing up for an appointment and having no idea where to go.

Fill with the Right Furniture

The most important part of the space is the furniture – it’s not only the first thing visitors will see, it also determines how comfortable they will be. The reception desk should be the focal point and waiting room chairs need to be comfortable as well as fit within the space.

Choose Colours Carefully

The colours you choose to use in the space can have a direct effect on the way visitors feel. In a medical reception, for example, you might want to use colours like green (calming), blue (honesty) and pink (compassion). Try to avoid colours that invoke feelings of anxiety.

Add a Dash of Décor

Once you’ve decided on your furniture and colours, it’s a good idea to pick out some décor items that can help to set the mood of your space. Pick items that cater to your visitors (such as an aquarium full of fish) or that share information about your business and services.

Set the Mood with Lighting

Adjusting the lighting in your reception area can actually enhance the comfort of your visitors as well as create a certain mood. Soft, bright lighting creates a sense of calm and can increase the appeal of items on display whilst low, warm light emits a “homey” quality.


Just because visitors are sitting in your waiting room doesn’t mean that their work stops. This is why you may want to consider making power outlets easily accessible (so that visitors can charge and use phones or laptops) and offering a television.


Once you’ve set up the perfect space, your work still isn’t done. There are plenty of other ways that you can help to keep your visitors happy. Make sure your receptionist smiles and is pleasant; keep the area clean; provide refreshments and bathrooms; and don’t keep them waiting too long.

We hope that the points discussed above have shown you just how important waiting room chairs and your Reception Furniture as a whole are to the overall experience of your clients and patients. The best way to determine whether the space is welcoming and comfortable is to literally put yourself in their shoes – take a moment to actually sit down and see whether any changes need to be made. It’s a good idea to do this regularly, just in case something changes.

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