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“Industrial Electrical Zone” Will Be a Hot Spot on MATELEC EIBT China 2014

With the deepening of China’s reform and opening up, the world’s electrical equipment manufacturers accelerated to enter into this huge, attractive market in which industrial electrical field is one of the most promising areas. According to “the 12th ‘5 years’ Plan”, large-scale infrastructures, mining factories, and manufacturing industries should be sustainably developing, which means they need to meet higher requests of environmental protection. Therefore, many factories, industrial buildings will be moved from city to urban and industrial electrical products will be massively needed. The war between the manufacturers in industrial electrical market is inevitable.

The providers are ready for fighting, and at the same time, the buyers are eager to find a platform, which includes most of the industrial electrical products for them to browse one short. This was showed up on MATELEC EIBT China 2013. 11.64% of buyers were the end users of industrial manufacturers and electrical power industry, and many of them came to look for the suitable products for their projects. On the other hand, some exhibitors, who produce the industrial electrical products, were satisfied with the buyers. To meet the needs from exhibitors and buyers, MATELEC EIBT China 2014 is going to build up “Industrial Electrical Zone”.

The “IE Zone” will arouse both the interest of buyers and the result of exhibitors. The expert said that MATELEC EIBT China made a very wise decision; this “Zone” not only provides a professional platform for the exhibitors that they urgently need, also facilitate the buyers.

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