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RC Launches New Energy Saving Chiller System

RC Asia Pacific Limited, a subsidiary of RC Group S.p.A., the leading manufacturing arm of chiller and precise control air conditioning systems, announces the launch of Unico Turbo FL, a new solution of chiller system in Asia. Unico Turbo FL is an air cooled water chiller equipped with oil-free centrifugal compressors with magnetic levitation bearings.

Developed by RC, the new product possesses structural and functional characteristics to meet the actual requirements in terms of energy saving and green environment.

Julian Wong, Deputy General Manager of RC Asia Pacific Limited, said, “Energy efficiency has become a very popular topic in the business world. Observing the needs of green and power efficiency, RC takes the lead to develop Unico Turbo FL which achieves A-class energy efficiency and environment friendly that are not commonly found with other chiller manufacturers.”

Key benefits of Unico Turbo FL include:

Energy Saving: the use of two-stage inverter driven magnetic levitation centrifugal compressors and brushless axial fan type EC reduces the energy demand with power factors higher than 0.9 and EER higher than 7.

Environmental friendly: the micro channels condensing coils require up to less than 75% of refrigerant when compared to traditional heat exchangers, reducing environmental impact and potential losses.

Low noise: inverter driven compressors and fans with variable speed generate low noise which allows the application to be applied even in sensitive sectors such as hospitals, hotels, etc.

Wong added, “We are thrilled that a number of shopping malls and international schools in Hong Kong have chosen RC oil-free chiller as their chiller systems due to its outstanding energy saving features. Recently, a Singapore’s fully-integrated info-communication company adopted Unico Turbo FL at its office in Singapore. We believe that more and more enterprises would consider RC oil-free chillers as the final choice of green solution.”

Unico Turbo FL is available with cooling capabilities from 280 kW to 1500 kW. Customised features can be offered to meet different business needs.

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