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Real Estate- The Three Sectors of Real Estate

There are three main sectors when it comes to real estate, that are residential real estate sector, commercial real estate sector and industrial real estate sector. There are many factors that influence the property prices, be it residential, commercial or industrial, but the most influencing factor is the location.

The residential real estate sector is related to buying and selling of property, for example, homes, basically any property for non-professional purpose. Such properties are found in the heart of a city and the value is based on how popular the location is, besides other factors such as accessibility to commercial areas and institutions, cleanliness, safety and even the quality of roads and general maintenance of the area. The council would be held responsible for maintaining the quality of the residential area such as keeping the roads well maintained by contracting commercial asphalt patching, enforcing traffic regulations and overall cleanliness of the area.

The commercial real estate sectors deals in property used for business purposes, like retail and office space. Commercial properties that are highly valued are situated besides residential area. Neither too far, nor too close. Commercial property is situated at a comfortable distance from the residential area. The higher the value of residential area, the higher is the value of the commercial property.

The industrial real estate sector involves property that is used for manufacturing and production, for example, factories, industrial plants etc. The industrial belt is usually found on the outskirts of the city, far away from the residential and commercial properties. The value of industrial property is based on how popular the industrial zone is and how many manufacturing units are working in that zone, besides other factors.

Whether it is about moving to a new house or shifting to a new office space, people will need self-storage units in London for easy re-location. Not just for houses and offices, self storage units are required by industries as well, to store the goods manufactured in their facility till they are dispatched to the desired location. Thus, every real estate sector is on a lookout for reliable storage unit facility in London. Due to the increasing demand of storage units, the storage facilities are coming up with various storage units varying in size, height, temperature control and added features so as to suit every requirement of the customer. Demand for storage units and its price is greatly influenced by the location of the facility, property rates, income level and housing condition. Moreover, such facilities advanced tools to narrow down the search depending on the location, price, features and sizes, to help the customer to make a quick search and rent one which is most suitable to their preferences and budget.

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