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TC Chew, Head of Projects, MTRC to Keynote at Transport Oriented Development Asia Conference

TC Chew, Head of Projects, MTRC will be presenting a key note presentation entitled “Introduction to TOD Opportunities and Rail plus Property Development in China and Beyond” at 10:30am on 10th October 2013 at the InterContinental Hotel in Shenzhen.

The MTRC has long been associated with the rail plus property model leading to it being one of the few profitable public transportation operators in the world. In Hong Kong high density residential developments around train stations has led to the increased use of the public transportation system and car usage that is far lower than most developed nations.

However it is not just the density and sale of residential units that has driven the MTRC’s success is is also the retention of key retail and commercial sites around the station that bring in revenue to help finance ongoing operational expenses.

No stranger to Facility Media conferences, Mr Chew, will once again compliment a full panel of speakers from mainland China and international locations.

For more information about TOD Asia, please visit todasia.com

About Transport Oriented Development Asia Conference

As the first of its kind in Asia attending TOD Asia will put you and your organization on the cutting edge of urban planning, infrastructure and property development as Asian urbanism develops over the 21st century. TOD had its origins in the ‘rail + property’ model pioneered in cities such as Hong Kong, where the sales of real estate development properties around metropolitan railway stations financed the building of the railway. Slowly the concept has grown until, with tweaks in the model and a flexible approach by both governments and private sector, it has exploded into a truly integrated win-win real estate model. Now the property developments cover not just rail and road interchanges but are centered around sea and air transportation options. In addition these property developments can cover the public transportation running costs.

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