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The History and Future of High-rise Buildings in China Part of Real Estate Week in Shanghai

UrbanPAECO Real Estate Week Asia, organized by UrbanPAECO JFPS Group, will be held on March 24 – 27th ,2014 in Shanghai. It is consisted of a Pre-event Cocktail and three conferences.

• Pre-event Cocktail (March 24, 2014) which is by invitation only;

• 7th Ultra High-rise Building (March 25 – 26, 2014), one of the most influential and professional events of the world for high-rise buildings;

• APAC Residential Building Showcase (March 26, 2014) to display and forecast the rapid progress of residential urbanization

• APAC Commercial Building Showcase (March 26 – 27, 2014) focusing on the project planning, leasing and property management of the commercial buildings including office building, hotel, shopping mall, CBD building and etc.

UrbanPAECO Real Estate Week Asia is dedicated to provide a splendid communication platform for all guests with the fantastic master show and brainstorm from a globe vision of the building life cycle from positioning, design, construction, leasing and operation.

High-rises as the special format of commercial building are elevating the urban skyline in many cities in China. As the world’s second largest economy, China is not just getting stronger, but also taller, with the volume and height of skyscrapers growing ever upward.Due to the rapid urbanization progress, the blistering pace of high-rise construction in China has been seen as the symbolic icon of a city. The skyscraper fervor has been spread across the country. currently

Ultra High-rise Building Summit, the mega brand event organized by UrbanPAECO JFPS Group, is coming to its 7th year in 2014, which has already became one of the most influential and professional events of the world in the real estate industry.More than 1700 senior executives from real estate developers, architectural design institutes, property & engineering consulting firms, building equipments and construction materials manufacturing companies have been involved in this grand event! Over 170 top-level speakers from the U.S., Canada, Europe, UAE, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China and other Asia countries have been invited to share their experience in developing prospect, design concepts and engineering skills alternately with the introduction of high-rise projects they have been taken.

In 7th Ultra High-rise Building Summit, the conference will be divided into two streams which called ‘Developer Center’ and ‘Academic Center’. ‘Developer Center’ will cover the difficulties that developer mostly concerned in architectural and structural design, MEP, fire safety, wind engineering, project management and so on forth. The latter is a two-day technical forum specifically for the architects, structure and MEP engineers.

As the accelerated urbanization and economic resurgence in Asia Paci­c region, the demand will be further expanded, thus, the booming era of commercial real estate will be continued in 2014. Along with the commercial real estate boom and rapid increase in the supply of commercial building, urban complex, malls and high-rise office buildings are ubiquitous, which leads to a challenges for leasing as well as the management capacity of the developers.

APAC Commercial Building Showcase is the one and half day event focusing on the positioning, leasing, property management for the urban complexes, shopping malls in an Asia Paci­c range. The senior executives and experts in commercial building positioning and planning, office leasing, retail leasing, and property management from the real estate developers, commercial consulting ­firms are expected to be involved in the APAC Commercial Building Showcase to stir the splendid brainstorm through the brilliant presentations and discussions on the industrial dynamics and challenges.

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