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Transportation and Property Development Are Inseparable in the New China

Planning of transportation networks from bike paths to metros to airports and urban property development have become inseparable as Chinese cities expand leading to a boom of transit/transport oriented development (TOD). The TOD phenomenon and its implications will be explored in the first event of its kind at TOD Asia to be held 10 – 11 September at the InterContinental Hotel in Shenzhen, China.

In the past property development often took place without full appraisal of the surrounding transportation infrastructure, meanwhile the city metros, were built and financed by the state without taking full advantage of the increases in property values of the land surrounding them. This situation has radically changed.

After the success of projects like Guangzhou’s BRT (bus rapid transit), which has seen unprecedented ridership numbers and spikes in property prices along its route, transportation and planning departments have started working together to leverage this advantage.

The result is that the new form of TOD is about more than simply building high-density housing around railway stations. Master planners and traffic engineers are working with economists to engineer communities around transportation infrastructure that not only pays for its own construction but also contributes to operating costs through leasing of

As the chief of one rail company boss says “metro companies are becoming property developers”.

This shift in thinking will require a radical change in the way planning departments, city leadership and public transportation groups operate. In tandem it opens up many opportunities for service providers with experience in a wide range of fields to assist in the process. Successful TOD requires investment advisors with expertise in financing and PPP-type arrangements, environmental planners, human, vehicular and rail traffic flow monitors, master planners, transportation planners and many more who will all be presenting at the TOD Asia Conference, 10-11 September. See todasia.com.

About Transport Oriented Development Asia Conference

As the first of its kind in Asia attending TOD Asia will put you and your organization on the cutting edge of urban planning, infrastructure and property development as Asian urbanism develops over the 21st century. TOD had its origins in the ‘rail + property’ model pioneered in cities such as Hong Kong, where the sales of real estate development properties around metropolitan railway stations financed the building of the railway. Slowly the concept has grown until, with tweaks in the model and a flexible approach by both governments and private sector, it has exploded into a truly integrated win-win real estate model. Now the property developments cover not just rail and road interchanges but are centered around sea and air transportation options. In addition these property developments can cover the public transportation running costs.

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